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With a new year comes new goals and a new role

I’ve got big news and it’s just too much for a 280 character Tweet.

With a new year, comes new goals and a new role as I start into the next decade.

I spent the fair majority of 2019 collaborating in presales support for account teams, given the amount of new technologies in the SDN space at VMware and how they aligned with my technical pursuits. I took a real liking to assisting in client solutions design and helping to unify an overall technical vision for enterprises with multiple organizations. Working hand in hand with those account teams provided me with some of the best experiences that I’ve had in my career and from that, I guess you could say, that I developed a desire to be an actual part of it.

So, over the next days and weeks, I’ll be transitioning into my new role as a VMware NSX Network and Security, Solutions Engineer for the US Globals team. The opportunity to work with VMware’s largest clients towards their current and future SDN visions is an amazing chance to participate in some of the most complex and challenging designs being built today, so I dove at it.

I’m very excited to join such an amazing group of individuals and a team with a reputation as some of the best. It’s been extremely difficult to be quiet about this, with how excited I am to take on this challenge and now that I get to write about it, there’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude to those who believe in me and to the many people whom I’ve worked with in and via the VMware TAM and NSX TAM teams over the years.

Since I have the character space to do so, I want to thank some people directly who have been instrumental in helping me get to where I am.

First and foremost, I want to thank my wife for being the independent, brilliant and dynamic woman that she is. Without her, I would be nowhere.

My son Jonas and daughter Sofia who many of you have heard, seen or met via my various social posts are the driving force behind it all and truly make me be the best that I can be. They’ll never know how thankful I am.

To my VMware TAM coworkers, previous and current, thank you all for being amazing human beings. This culture of talented and compassionate people was created and is kept alive by all of your efforts, which I’m very proud to have been a part of.

To the the #vCommunity at large, thank you all. There are way too many to thank and I’m not bragging about my follower stats. Know that I love you all and that our community is a very special place, full of very special people. Yes… All kinds of special. /me grins

Lastly, thank you to VMware for being the kind of company that promotes an environment of career growth, in which I can find and use new passions to grow.

After a few days of thinking about how I reached out and how naturally they reached back, it’s given me a nonstop smile. And as the sun sets slowly in the west, I sit here thinking about how lucky I am to be in a place like this, at a time like this.


Special Guest Appearance on the official VMware Community Podcast

That’s right! I’ll be appearing on this Wednesday’s episode of the VMware Community Podcast, March 6th at 12:00 PST, to talk about NSX-T 2.4, some of the recent gotchas and trends that I’m seeing in the field, and all things NSX.

You can watch the live video stream on the VMTN community page via Facebook, so make sure to join us there! Until then, #runNSX!

VMware Community Podcast Livestream:


My VMware VASA Cubes – A Milestone Award from VMware

Today, I received my VMware VASA Cubes, which is a recognition award from VMware for 4 years of service. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve been a VMware user, consultant, owner of a VMware solutions and service provider and then finally, an employee. There are many times when I think about the journey that brought me here to VMware, but the thoughts are often the same. #vmwareistheplacetobe