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How To Export VMware Licensing From vCenter Server

Here’s a helpful script to Export VMware Licensing From vCenter Server, which I wrote this back a bit ago and many of my VMware peers have found quite useful in the field. I finally got asked again by someone, so I decided to post it, instead of trying to email zipped code through antivirus systems. Enjoy! Happy licensing!


Disclaimer: ensure a semi-current Powershell / PowerCLI installation

In What Order Do I Upgrade VMware Products and What Is Compatible? – VMware Compatibility and Order of Upgrade Best Practices Review

After attending VMware TechSummit 2017 last week, I’ve got a ton of takeaways to share over the next few months, but I wanted to get this article out there because it’s about two of the most common requests I hear: product compatibility and the order of product upgrades.

Before I go too far, I have to say that before considering a VMware upgrade, it’s a great idea to involve your VMware TAM, SE or other account team member to ensure best results. They can make sure you get the resources you need. Secondly, contacting VMware GSS (Global Support Services) and opening a proactive support ticket, is also recommended. They’ll actually have you provide the versions of software within your environment and do the “legwork” to make sure your upgrade plan will work for you. The legwork will include validating the versions and order of upgrades proposed and then looking through known issues, which is something best left to the experts at GSS. In my experience, knowing the order and compatibility of VMware products before you begin to engage GSS, is always a good idea.

Here’s how to determine both VMware product compatibility and the order of product upgrades:

VMware product compatibility is easily determined by leveraging the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix. This online tool provides VMware product version compatibilities in a matrix that works with multiple versions per query and relation.

Order of VMware product upgrades are provided in VMware Knowledge Base article 2109760 which displays the order of upgrade for vSphere 6.0 and its compatible VMware products. There is also a “special considerations” section which provides issues VMware Support is seeing. Some of these examples are regarding third-party products with vendor links to documentation that is needed, so make sure to review those before proceeding. Product Release Notes and Upgrade Procedures are available as links for each as well.

So make sure to engage your TAM, SE and/or GSS before planning and performing your next VMware upgrade. I’m hoping that greater dissemination of this information will improve customer experiences, both in upgrade planning and execution. Please share it on this site and any other socials you frequent.

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