Heavy Metal Covers 1 – WFH Music Bingo Blog Series

Alright music bingo fans, we’re back with a second genre!

Heavy Metal Cover Music Bingo

This playlist is built from heavy metal covers done by the one and only, Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios. For those that know him, you’re already jazzed up for this. If you don’t, you’re really in for a treat. Leo is THE BEST metal cover musician on the planet. Period. He does a bunch of current popular music reduxed in metal, so you’ve got to check this out regardless.

If you enjoy what he does, consider buying one of his albums digitally.

Frog Leap Studios: https://www.frogleapstudios.com/

These cards are in PDF format to provide the ability to “Strike Through Text”, so a player can just open the PDF and strike through the text of each song played.

In Preview on a Mac, with the PDF open, click Tools->Annotate-Strike Through Text:

Here’s the playlist and cards for the game…

Heavy Metal Cover Music Bingo Playlist:



Enjoy! …more to follow later in the week!!!

Personally, I can’t wait to see some Zoom screenshots of folks rockin’ out to Leo’s metal version of, Shake It Off. LOLz \m/

Hit me up in the comments or on Twitter @erikhinderer, if you’ve got a genre you’d like to hear.

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