What’s New in VMware NSX 6.3.5?

With the last few NSX releases, our overall focus has been on compliance and product parity. VMware NSX 6.3.5 primarily delivers improvements and enhancements in Guest Introspection, L2 VPN and the remediation of 32 defects.

VMware NSX 6.3.5 provides improvements in Guest Introspection VM’s, that on deployment, are named Guest Introspection (XX.XX.XX.XX), where XX.XX.XX.XX is the IPv4 address of the host on which the GI machine resides and occurs during the initial deployment of GI. Naming the GI VM with the IP address of it’s host, will provide VMware admins some much needed information, at a glance.

The L2 VPN service now supports changing and/or enabling logging on the fly – without a process restart, enhanced logging, tunnel state and statistics, events for tunnel status changes and a number of CLI enhancements. This provides for greater troubleshooting capabilities for L2 VPN configurations and the like.

Of the 32 defects fixed, Resolved Issue 19879763 that causes NSX Controllers to expire root passwords 90 days after build, is the most notable. The issue is detailed in KB000051144 – Deploying NSX Controller fails in NSX-v 6.3.3 and 6.3.4.

The NSX 6.3.5 Release Notes do not contain the Resolved Issue, as VMware development re-released 6.3.3 and 6.3.4, adding it to the Resolved Issue in those product release notes respectively. Details on the rest of the defects can be found in the release notes as usual, so check there for more details.

As for requirements, they are vSphere 5.5U3, vSphere 6.0U3, as well as, vSphere 6.5U1 and later. All versions of VMware Tools are supported. Some Guest Introspection-based features require newer VMware Tools versions, so see the release notes. As for version compatibility with other VMware products, like vRealize Network Insight and Log Insight, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

For more information, as always, make sure you read the release notes, contact your VMware account team and engage VMware support proactively.

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